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Maybe it is a lingering injury? Or maybe you aren't as flexible as you once were? Or maybe you just want to improve your quality of life? For three weeks, let's do that together! This programme is designed to assess and understand your body and then provide the education, tools and support to build on your strength, stability & flexibility so you can train and live life to your full potential.

Our 21-day Kickstart programme is a 3 week remedial training program unique to you.

What do you get?

  • 1 x Functional Movement Assessment & a corresponding Corrective Exercise Program (Value $120)
  • 3 x Massage sessions @ 60 minutes each (Value $210)
  • 4 x scheduled one-on-one 45-minute personal training sessions
  • 2 x programs tailored for the individual (Value $280)
  • 21 Days of nutritional guidance including meal planning, healthy food tips and accountability goals (Value $200)
  • Social support includes access to Fit Giants Facebook group to share your journey with like-minded people and unlimited email coaching.

Your cost is only $399.

Total Value = $950.  

Limited placements available.

Registration ends 7th March 2016, at midnight.