Breathing properly to engage the core.

Diaphramic breathing helps to activate our inner core muscles, together with many other functions. The diaphragm is a muscle that extends from the top of the chest all the way down to your pelvic region and it assists in movement in the body. It is one of the most underused muscles in the human body. If we are not using our diaphragm properly the body will compensate in other areas in order to perform the movement we want, which may lead to imbalances, which in turn may lead to injury.

To begin, I am lying in a neutral position and as I breathe in and push my abdomen out, I expand my ribcage without lifting my chest. I then breathe out while trying to maintain the tummy expansion. The goal is to maintain the abdominal expansion while breathing in and out in a relaxed position.

Initially, I found it difficult to maintain my tummy expansion but after a few minutes of practicing, I got in to a rhythm and I felt my body relax with every exhalation.

Remember, movement follows breath and proper breathing will help the body flow into movements more smoothly.