Exercise & Stress


Some of my clients often say to me after the session is finished: “I feel better, thank you for that.”

One said to me the other day, after our session: “I walk a little taller, after our sessions,” and sometimes some say, “I was really sore after our session, but it felt good.”  Weirdos right!

However, my point is movement makes more sense to the body and mind than no movement and movement could be in the form of HIIT training, yoga, or a walk down the beach.

Focusing on the correct exercise the body needs at that time may:

A. Free your mind from thinking or worrying. As you continue to train your body and concentrate solely on your exercise, you may find that you are able to focus more during your other daily tasks.

B. Relax you as you’ve managed to work off tension the body may be holding. This in turn may improve sleep and lower the symptoms of anxiety and depression

C. Help you create a sense of community as exercise can be social, allowing you to interact with other people in a positive and relaxed environment.

D. Help you regain a sense of wellbeing and pride about your body and your life as a whole, by achieving exercise goals you’ve set out for yourself.