Fat burning, Stress and the Nervous System.


Did you know:

  1. The only two fuels the human body uses are glucose (sugar) and fat;
  2. The body breaks down proteins into amino acids, which are then converted into glucose;
  3. The body requires energy for everything it does;
  4. The body makes adrenaline to prepare the body to fight or flee, if it thinks your life might be in danger;
  5. We may be making adrenaline simply because we are in stressful situations i.e. like making a dreaded phone call;
  6. The body will use glucose as energy as it is a fast burning fuel to get out of stressful situations;
  7. The body doesn’t feel “safe” enough to use fat, because fat offers a slow steady release form of energy, which is not needed when the body is in fight or flight mode.

One of the biggest health challenges of today is that the body is constantly under stress and at the receiving end of flight or fight messages. If we do not choose to get caught up in stress factors within or outside of us, we will constantly struggle to use fat as fuel for that steady slow release of energy and feeling energised will be difficult as well as fat loss.

Moral of the story reduce stress and help your body burn fat!


“Exhausted to Energized” by Dr Libby Weaver