what my clients are saying

In Mid 2015 I was diagnosed with a severe back injury - a bulged disc between my l4 and l5 vertebrae, pressing up against a primary nerve cluster in my lower back.

My physiotherapist was surprised that I wasn’t in more pain considering my injury, and immediately recommended I commence regular exercise and core strength training to help with recovery and help reduce the need for potential surgery one day.

Shortly after diagnosis, I started training with Shingai Ruzengwe. Through the first few months of my training, she carefully assisted me alongside my physio with rehabilitation exercises that allowed me to quickly recover from my injury. Shingai’s patience, support, and positive energy have kept me motivated, excited and wanting to improve. She’s helped me reach all of my fitness goals (losing weight, working through my back injury and helping address issues of pain, improving my posture) in an incredibly short time.

Since training with Shingai, I’ve lost over 25kg, no longer have regular back pain and haven’t had a serious flare up of my lower back in 10 months. My quality of life has improved, I sleep well and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years!

I now have a whole new batch of fitness goals, and I’m excited to see how I can continue to improve and grow over the next few years.

Thank you Shingai! 

— Adam Christou


I bumped into Shingie at Goodlife Health club after returning from an overseas deployment in Vanuatu and the change in lifestyle, back to a desk job, had me in a lot of pain with a back injury and no motivation to train. 
Being unable to run was killing me, emotionally and physically and Shingie said she would do an assessment for me to see if my form was causing me further injury, which it was. 4 months later and I am running at least 20km a week pain free and feeling stronger and more aware of my body and form. 
Thanks to Shingie’s targeted strength training I managed to beat my time in the 12km HBF fun run by 11mins from 3 years ago and recover with no injury.

Shingie’s holistic approach to health inspired me in all aspects of my life and I always left training feeling better and challenged to live better and make the most of the day ahead.

— Natasha Veneables


Prior to training with Shingie I thought the best way to lose weight and increase my fitness was through Cardio. Shingie however has taught me that the most progress is gained through a combination of a balanced healthy diet, weight training and Cardio. I find weight training a bit boring and intimidating however Shingie has made it fun by introducing different ways of training such as super sets and educated me on the techniques. I have lost 4kgs and have noticed my body shape change becoming more toned in all the wobbly areas!

— Emily Lawless, Maylands, 2015

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“Training with Shingai has been wonderful. Her energy and knowledge have helped turn the gym into a place I look forward to every week. With her help I have improved my diet, sleeping habits and general wellbeing. I am very happy with my results and would recommend Shingai to anyone.

— Frank Fuller, Mount Lawley

“I played basketball weekly but had an incredibly unhealthy diet, regularly eating fast food, often numerous times in one day. I very rarely cooked, and any home cooked meals would have been pasta, pizza or heating up frozen food like chicken strips or pizza. Over the next 4 years I started cooking healthy meals, exercising regularly including going to the gym and continuing with weekly basketball. I lost 35kg at the beginning of 2012, but had a tendency to yo-yo and in March this year my weight had gone back up to 101kg. 

During a basketball game I tore a calf muscle, which meant no real exercise for about 2 months. It was the first time that I realised my body is getting old and injuries like that were only going to happen more frequently. It had gotten to a stage where I couldn’t let my weight yo-yo as it had over the last few years. It had become important to stop making excuses, stop getting complacent with having a good week followed with two bad ones.

So over the next 7 months, I reduced high impact training and tried to pay more attention to diet and took more care of my body. I have felt dramatic changes to my body, such as less muscle soreness, more flexibility and my arthritis in my knee is far less painful. I’ve gone from 101kg in April to 92kg now. This is the healthiest I have been in 10 years. I thank Shingie for her rehab knowledge and training that helped to heal my body as well as the weekly accountability with my diet which helped me to lose weight consistently over the past 7 months.”

— Daniel Urban, Morley